Business Type

One POS that Fits All Retail Business


When you running a restaurant, Cafeterias or bar, you need a point-of-sale software system to accept credit and debit payments…
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Retail Store

If you’re looking for a point of sale (POS) system, make GoEasyPos your first and last stop. The Retail POS tool delivers a true platform that connects you’re in-store…
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Cosmetic Store

Managing and tracking inventory for a cosmetics shop is a very difficult task without a computerized software system…
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Grocery Store

In the past grocery stores had to use a traditional cash register that can print receipts, but didn’t offer much else beyond that…
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Hardware Store

The hardware store can get great benefit from a POS system because it assists automate virtually every part of the business…
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Jewellery Shops

One of a jewellery store’s major challenges is keeping track of all the very small and valuable items that are the essence of the store’s inventory…
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Milk Booth

Everyone buys milk in their routine life and one of the main challenges is to face the change money…
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POS Software for Cafeterias is a flexible one screen software tool. GoEasyPos can assist you manage your inventory and maximize your business revenues…
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Mobile Store

A typical mobile/ cellular phone store business owner or manager wants to make sure their point of sell system is capable of tracking product serial numbers…
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Book Store

Testimonial Booksellers need robust inventory management to track and restock a large catalog of books, and the POS software can store massive amounts of inventory data in the cloud…
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Chemist and Drugs Store

GoEasyPOS has been a life savior for me as it swiftly manages all my payment process and stock so perfectly…
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Clothing & Apparel Store

GoEasyPOS is Easier, faster and makes the most accurate inventory management. It also ensures and plays an important role in clothing and apparel store…
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Wine Shop

You won’t find an easier more powerful POS software system for your liquor shop. GoEasyPos software has been mainly designed to work with wine Stores…
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Travel Agency

The point-of-sale software system is an important part of a modern travel Agency’s automation strategy…
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Sweets Store

Regardless of whether you have big or small sweet store or a small candy or a chocolate store or a mid-sized bakery shop, we have a solution for you. Integrated with modules…
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