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Get Complete Insights to Grow Your Local Business

GoEasyAnalytics is an insight application to check your business performance in terms of Sales, Gross Margin, Purchase and other key areas, thereby assisting you to make important commerce decisions.

Easy to Access All Reports in Single Tap

Powerful Reporting

GoEasyAnalytics are designed to surface the insights you need to drive your engagement strategy in the right direction.

Track Store-Wise with Graph Reports

With GoEasyAnalytics you can easily track your multi-store business with a detailed graphical view.

Custom Dashboards for Quick Insights

GoEasyAnalytics Custom dashboards let you save all your most-used analytics reports in one place, giving you easy access to your key metrics.

Comparing Date Ranges

GoEasyAnalytics includes new capabilities that allow you to compare two different time periods and chart them immediately.



  • Anytime, anywhere access to business data
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Report
  • Customized Report
  • Compare Total Sales
  • Compare & Drill down your business data
  • Compare Totals bills generate


No more tough calculation of increase/decrease in business performance from described reports. Just like shares, check the % gain/loss of last week, last month, last year in a single click.

Real-Time Data

Keep your finger on the pulse. Easily know what sells best, find out when finances are deposited and see your bottom line at a glance.

Get Customer Insights

Get to know your customers better - how much they spend and how frequently they return.

Track Your Business in Real Time

No need to wait on end-of-day reports - check your GoEasyAnalytics anytime to get a handle on sales, stocks, customers, and much more.

Easily Take Data-Driven Decisions.

Get maximum information about your business with GoEasyAnalayics to increase profitability through data-driven decisions!

Intuitive Dashboard

Intuitive Dashboard gain instant visibility of your sales & inventory data with real-time reporting that is consistently high in quality.

Take It All On The Go

Install GoEasyAnalytics on your Android & iOS devices to track your complete business operation from anywhere.

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