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Kitchen Management Automation

GoEasyKOT is an electronic Ordering application for Restaurants. However, it also works just fine independently. GoEasyKOT is designed to eliminate unnecessary movements of the stewards or chefs in your restaurant. It is the functionality of GoEasyKOT that, it notifies the kitchen on every order.

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Cool Ordering System

On order, the GoEasyKOT pop up on Kitchen Display System. The GoEasyKOT contains details such as table number, items ordered and its quantity.

All Status Notification Updates

The GoEasyKOT consists of details such as table number, covers, name of the stewards, date, time, items ordered, and its quantity.

Maintain Your Order History

With GoEasyKOT you can easily manage your order history and make your restaurant more productive and profitable.


  • No Delay in Order Taking
  • No Missing of Order
  • Streamlined Kitchen Operations
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Minimizes manual task
  • Low Investment

Everything you need to manage your business

Accuracy and Speed are the virtues of GoEasyKOT. Installing GoEasyKOT would Increase the speed of operations by 25% to 40%. Bill Printer prints the final bill with Restaurant Logo, Address, Contact Number, Order Details and Tax Information.

Facilitates Proper Control System

Establishes appropriate co-ordination between the kitchen & service personnel.

Idea about Maximum and Minimum Sold Items

Post analyses will give an exact idea about the high selling and non-selling dishes on a menu card.

It Establishes Accountability

GoEasyKOT also helps to raise your bill for settlement, you can efficiently manage your account.

Theft Control

Helps to avoid chaos or confusion at the food pick up counter.

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