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Get End to End Technology Solutions for Your Restaurant Business


Fine Dine
Cafe Lounge
Lounge Bar
Icecream Parlour
Sweet Shop
Bakery Shop

Fine Dine


To meet the needs of a fine dine restaurant, we specialize in an advanced end to end point of sale solution. Our customization GoEasyRestro allows you to design your layout to make reservations and waiting lists fast and more convenient. GoEasyRestro is a complete restaurant management suite for restaurant establishment.

Cafe Lounge

Streamline your cafe lounge processes, improve your ordering system, and get your rostering sorted in a flash with GoEasyPos business management suite. You can get modern technology management suite for your cafe Lounge, an end-to-end business solution that fits for all your cafeteria’s needs.

Lounge Bar

Lounge Bars and pubs are the coolest places to hang out. But managing a successful bar can be more than stressful if you don't have an ideal Point of sale. If you are running your own Night Clubs, Pubs or Lounge Bars and looking for a business management suite, then come with GoEasyPos to make your business more growing and profitable.

Icecream Parlour

With an Ice Cream POS suite from GoEasyPos, you can increase profit and decrease waste in your shop, all while improving speed and efficiency. Our business management suite has many features to accomplish these goals like inventory management, employee wage and hour tracking, customer relationship and loyalty programs.

Sweet Shop

GoEasyPos Sweet shop business management suite designed to manage and handle multiple customers with simple and easy to use interface. By using this suite system you can easily track - customers orders, billing, Inventory, profits actually you can get complete control of your business.

Bakery Shop

GoEasyPos Bakery business management suite is designed to run bakery business smartly and efficiently. With the help of this business management suite, you can effortlessly increase your profits and perform your business operations. Managing inventory & keeping track of business reports is not an easy task but with the help of this technology management suite, you can get more sales more control and more customers.

Everything you need to manage your business

Web Ordering

Your Own Food Ordering Website.
Online Ordering - “Must” for Your Restaurant Business.
If you have an Online ordering technology in place for your restaurant, you have taken your first step into a larger world.
  • Pre Orders System.
  • Customers can Order Anywhere.
  • No Need To Pay Third Party.
  • Place Unlimited Orders.
  • Make Every Digital Interaction Fast and Convenient.

Mobile Ordering

Your Own Branded Android & iOS App
Increase Profits and Raise Margins with our Food Ordering App
We provide an ultimate Online Ordering experience to your customers! Modernize your business with your very own iPhone and Android devices - perfect for customers on the go.
  • Fastest checkout ever.
  • Live Order Tracking.
  • Pay instantly or on delivery.
  • Engage your customers with push messages.
  • Always stay top of mind.

Live Reservation System

Computerized Management for Your Restaurant Business.
Get Performance Reports, View Booking Trends, and Manage Shifts on the go.
With GoEasyPos live reservation system you can accept bookings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without doing a thing. It only takes a few minutes to setup and then you can take reservations. Our live reservation system will automatically confirm with and remind guests to free up your time.
  • Get Best Reservation and Waitlist Management.
  • Customizable Guest Management.
  • Fast Table Management.
To allow the basic stuff: Enter the date, quantity, notes, shipment details, etc

Point of Sale

Your Key to Business Success.
GoEasyPos – Meet the Best Digital Assistant for Your Local Business
The point of sale is the place where your customer executes the payment for goods or services bought from your business.
  • Set up for success.
  • Smartly Expand Your Presence.
  • Everything to need to Run your business.
  • Multiple Locations with Multiple Payment Options.

Customer Relationship

Helps Manage Business Operations Better.
Customer Relationship Management for Local Business
The development depends on an ongoing connection between a business and its customers. The CRM involves marketing communications, sales support, technical assistance & customer service!
  • Grow your repeat sales with marketing automation.
  • Personalize Business Results.
  • Complete Customer Engagement.
  • Data Reporting.

Customer Engagement

GoEasyRestro Express That Will Make You More!.
Transform Customer Engagement with Modern Point of Sale.
GoEasyPos perfectly enables your store associates to deliver a compelling service experience & drive sales while unlocking self-service capabilities to provide a more convenient customer engagement.
  • Solve practical problems.
  • Think strategically.
  • Protect customer data.
  • Keep an organized, clean and fun environment.

Loyalty Program

Making Your Business More Growing is Our Passion.
Increase Profit and Create Repeat Business with Our Loyalty Program.
Design your loyalty program to work for you and your valuable customers. With GoEasyPos, take control of your loyalty program & choose how your customers gain:
  • Know your customers.
  • Automate your discounts.
  • A customer can earn loyalty points based on purchase amount.
  • Set loyalty points for specific products.

Feedback Management

We Help You Better Manage Your Business.
Measure Customer Satisfaction Automatically With GoEasyPos.
Collect the customer feedback you need to grow your business! It gives you the opportunity to see what our customers really have to say, which is a positive for our business.
  • Open-communication.
  • Respond intelligently.
  • Collect feedback.
  • Track progress.

Integrated Payments

Ensure Smooth Business Operation by GoEasyRestro Express.
Integrated Payments Services – Save Your Time and Money.
GoEasyPos provide integrated payments service to local businesses who are looking to streamline certification processes, reduce the amount of time spent on compliance, and save money.
  • Lower fees, better experience.
  • Complete mobility.
  • Accelerate the shopping process.
  • Make more transaction.

Order Integration

Leave Technology Management to Us Get Complete Insights of Your Business with GoEasyPos.

Accept Orders Directly With GoEasyPos

Get all your business from the website, mobile application & third-party aggregators on a single dashboard!

  • Quick Alerts.
  • Detailed Reporting.
  • Online | Offline Orders are One Place.
  • Save Time, Effort, and Money.

Advance Reporting

Get Complete Insights on Your Business with GoEasyPos.
Run Your Business More Effectively with Customizable Reporting and Analytics.
Our advanced reporting is a compete for insights to check retail business performance in terms Sales, Gross Margin, Purchase, sales and other key areas.
  • Build Customized Reports.
  • Get daily, weekly, monthly sales insights.
  • Access required information from anywhere.
  • Track Store-Wise with Graph Reports.

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