A typical mobile/ cellular phone store business owner or manager wants to make sure their point of sell system is capable of tracking product serial numbers. This is because when they sell the products like video or audio devices, mobile phones, appliances or basically any device that has service contract means warranty, they have to track the consumer who is purchasing that device. With its customer and serial number tracking feature, GoEasyPos point of sale software allows these store owners to perform these tasks effortlessly and perfectly.

For those customers who call on the phone to request the price quote and other queries about the product, GoEasyPos comes with immediate price check feature for determining a swift price and the quantity of the product available. Our POS also has invoices on hold feature, which allows you print the quote you have quoted the purchaser so that when the customer comes to buy the item, you will recall the invoice you placed on hold, and complete the sale without wasting your valuable time and effort.


Now mostly electronic devices come with bar codes on them. But, there may be some products/ items in your store that have no bar codes. The GoEasyPos point of sale software comes with inbuilt bar coding software to enable you to print your own barcodes directly from your inventory database. You do not need to manually input any numeric. Just choose the items you want to print and punch the print button.

After understanding the need of electronics/cellular store, we’ve created GoEasyPos to find out the solution that is the absolute fit for your business platform.