You are an expert sales-person and getting your large footwear selection off the shelves and onto customer’s feet is easy for you, right? GoEasyPos makes it an even smoother and easier process. But a single shoe come in three colors in customary sizes and widths could be as more than 100 different stock keeping units.

There may be matching accessories, available in shoe store which may also be in several colors and sizes. Then there are some special orders ordered by customers for the styles and sizes that are not in stock. There are even shoes that can be highlighted to match the color of a particular outfit or team. Shoe sales are sternly competitive task; programs to encourage customer faithfulness are common. So, shoe stores also need an electronic communications as part of maintaining customer relationships.

At every level of POS software, GoEasyPos stands above its competitors, from the way it implements the functions of this POS software you know you need to the way it gives you excellent features actually you didn’t know you wanted.

 Manage Your Retail and Online Stores with One Dashboard!

  1. Increase Sales
  2. Reduce Expenses
  3. Analytically Reviewing Sales By Day And Time
  4. Reduced Inventory Holding Cost
  5. Increase The Average Sale With Cross-Sale, Up-Sale
  6. Ready-To-Use Real-Time Reports On-The-Move
  7. Maximized Margin With Lower Investment
  8. Loyal Customers Bring Repeat Business
  9. Eliminate Unnecessary Routine Purchases
  10. Create Promotions To Attract Customers During Lean Seasons

Track your stock by defining maximum and minimum quantities of each item at the store. Get insights through quick, slow and dead stock examination. GoEasyPOS also lets you supervise the inventory across all your stores centrally.

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